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Part of my plan for the year is to accept that I am living in an increasingly disabled body. Part of a way to do this is to read books about disability and by disabled people.

This is my book plan so far

Beauty is a verb: The New Poetry of Disability
The Other within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture, and Psyche
Unruly Bodies:Life writing by women with disabilities
Exile and Pride:Disability, Queerness, & Liberation (I've read this before but its amazing so I want to read it again
Spirit and the politics of disablement

I also really want to read this: Oedipus Borealis: The Aberrant Body in Old Icelandic Myth and Saga" but it's crazy expensive so I'm waiting/hoping for it to go down in price

I'm looking for recommendations. I am especially interested in disabled poets, disability in relation to mythology/fairy tales/folktales/storytelling and stuff about the intersections of disability with class/gender/queerness/feminism
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